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Beethoven was a German composer who was born in December 1770. He was known for his love for music, pianos, and snazzy 18th-century hairstyles.

His music was so popular during his time that even though he was deaf towards the end of his career, he continued to compose masterpieces that left audiences in awe. Many couldn’t believe that someone who couldn’t hear was able to produce music that was so incredible. It kinda makes you wonder if your superpower is something lame like being able to fold a fitted sheet.

Beethoven wasn’t just a brilliant composer; he was also known for his eccentric behavior. Some of his quirks included setting his piano on fire whenever he was bored, locking himself in his room for days on end, and eating sauerkraut sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

He was also very particular about his pianos. He once sent a letter to a piano maker complaining about the lack of springs in the keys. They responded by saying they didn’t use springs in their keys, to which Beethoven replied, “Then what the hell have I been playing on all these years?!”

Despite his odd behavior, Beethoven was loved by many. His music inspired countless musicians and continues to be celebrated centuries after his death. Seriously, if you’re not listening to Beethoven right now, what are you doing?

In conclusion, Beethoven was a musical genius, a bit of a weirdo, and the reason we have so many great classical music pieces. And if you ask us, the world could use more fire-starting, sauerkraut-eating, piano-playing eccentrics.