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A headache is a condition that affects the skull and often makes our lives feel like a helicopter has taken off in our brain. It’s one of the funniest afflictions known to man and strikes anyone from the young to the old.

The origins of headaches have been hotly debated through the ages, but scientists have finally come to the conclusion that the primary cause is none other than life itself. Yes, that’s right, living is what causes headaches. It turns out that accumulated stress from work, family, and everything in between causes the brain to revolt and protest.

There are various types of headaches, each with its unique set of hilariously painful symptoms. The most common is the tension headache, which feels like a million ants crawling around your head while playing the drums. Next is the sinus headache, which gives us the impression that our skull is about to implode like a vacuum cleaner. Finally, the migraine headache, which is like a fireworks display in your head with a color scheme that’s visually stunning yet painful.

Fortunately, there are many ways to treat headaches, such as taking painkillers, practicing meditation, getting adequate sleep, and drinking wine (lots of it). Some people even swear by eating ginger or massaging their temples with essential oils, but those are just some of the funny ways people try to avoid the inevitable.

While headaches may seem like a cruel joke, they remind us that we should take a break and not take life too seriously. Sometimes, it’s good to have an excuse to lie down and watch a comedy, even if it is our head that’s the punchline.