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A weapon is any object that can be used to cause harm or damage to living organisms, buildings, or other objects. Although the primary purpose of a weapon is to injure or kill, some weapons have also been known to cause laughter and entertainment.


The history of weapons can be traced back to prehistoric times when early hominids used sticks and stones to fight off predators or hunt for food. As human civilization evolved, so did the weapons. From swords and bows to guns and missiles, humans have always found ways to harm and kill each other.

Types of Weapons:

  1. Silly String Gun: A weapon used to douse enemies in a sticky web of silly string, causing confusion and tactically advantageous stickiness.

  2. Rubber Chicken: A weapon used in medieval times to distract enemies, often resulting in laughter and a lowered guard.

  3. Whoopie Cushion Bomb: A weapon that, when detonated, releases a loud flatulent noise, often causing both surprise and humor.

  4. Giant Inflatable Hammer: A weapon that appears harmless but can be used to surprise and incapacitate enemies with its size and weight.

  5. Pie Cannon: A weapon that launches custard pies, often used in circus performances and pie fights.

Notable Weapon Users:

  1. Bugs Bunny: A master of disguise, Bugs Bunny often used unconventional weapons such as carrots, anvils, and dynamite, to outsmart his enemies.

  2. Inspector Gadget: With his arsenal of gadgets and weapons hidden up his sleeves, Inspector Gadget relied on his wit and humor to defeat his enemies.

  3. The Joker: Known for his clownish appearance and twisted sense of humor, The Joker used an array of deadly and absurd weapons to terrorize the citizens of Gotham City.


In conclusion, weapons have been a part of human society since the beginning of time, but not all weapons have to be deadly serious. Humor can be a powerful tool in disarming and defeating your enemies. So the next time you find yourself in a skirmish, remember that a smile and a rubber chicken might just be your best weapons.