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The wheel is a magnificent invention that has revolutionized transportation and even paved the way for modern society as we know it. However, not many people know about the wheel’s hilarious and somewhat embarrassing history.


The first wheels were actually made from stone by our prehistoric ancestors. They would use these wheels to transport goods and themselves across rough terrains, but there was one problem - they were incredibly heavy! It wasn’t until someone figured out that the stone could be carved into a circular shape that the wheel became a practical tool.


As time went on, the wheel became more advanced and coveted among societies. However, it wasn’t until the Middle¬†Ages that the wheel had a major setback. Knights would use chariots with wheels, but if an enemy happened to shoot an arrow at the wheel, it would puncture and completely ruin the chariot. So much for the Wheel of Fortune!


Luckily, humans are a creative bunch and found ways to improve the wheel. The next big invention was the axle, which allowed the wheel to rotate freely without rubbing against the base. Then came the pneumatic tire, which made traveling much smoother and comfortable. But let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good set of alloy rims?

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The wheel may have had some embarrassing moments in history, but its impact on society cannot be understated. Without the wheel, we wouldn’t have cars, bicycles, or even rolling office chairs! Plus, it’s always fun to go for a spin in a ferris wheel, and who doesn’t love watching hamsters running on their little wheels?