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World War II: The Greatest Show on Earth

World War II was a global conflict that took place from 1939 to 1945, involving virtually every part of the world. It was the greatest show on Earth, featuring all sorts of shenanigans, high jinks, and absurdities.

Origins of the War

The war was sparked by the invasion of Poland by Nazi Germany. Hitler, the mastermind behind the invasion, claimed that he was merely trying to reclaim lost German territory. However, this was just a flimsy excuse for his true ambition: to conquer the world and build a canine-themed utopia.

The Players

The war had an impressive cast of characters, including:

Theatres of War

The war was fought on many fronts all over the world. Some of the most memorable battles and campaigns included:


Despite the tremendous destruction and loss of life caused by World War II, it left behind a rich legacy of stories, amusing anecdotes, and historical oddities. It was truly the greatest show on Earth, and one that we will never forget. So here’s to you, World War II. Thanks for the memories (and the manatee submarine).