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Arctic Ocean

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest ocean, located at the top of the world where Santa Claus and his elves reside. It’s the ultimate chill zone, with its sub-zero temperature and chunky icebergs that’ll make your drinks cooler than a polar bear’s toes.

Despite its cold exterior, there’s a whole world underneath the icy surface. Arctic fish live here, many of which are delicious, like the Alaskan pollock, but it’s a race against time to catch them before they freeze themselves.

Speaking of freezing, did you know that the Arctic Ocean is covered in ice for most of the year? That’s why it’s a favorite spot for epic snowball fights and ice skating parties, though you might want to wear a few extra layers because it’s pretty chilly outside.

Climate change is, unfortunately, making the Arctic Ocean more accessible, and oil companies are chomping at the bit to exploit its untapped resources. If they go ahead with it, all the seals and polar bears who call the Arctic Ocean home could be at risk, and who knows who else could be lurking under those icy depths. Narcos: Arctic Edition, perhaps?

So, the next time you’re feeling hot, hop on over to the Arctic Ocean, where you’ll definitely need a jacket, a hat, scarf, and about seven cups of hot cocoa. Trust us; it’s the coolest place on Earth.