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Ah, cuisine. One of life’s greatest pleasures. So many cultures, so many flavors, so many opportunities for indigestion. But what is cuisine, you ask? Let me enlighten you.


Cuisine is the art of cooking and eating delicious food. It is commonly accompanied by a side of guilt and regret, especially if you consume too much of it. Cuisine is often found in restaurants, homes, and the bottom of your fridge.

Types of Cuisine

There are countless types of cuisine, from Italian to Thai to Taco Bell. Yes, even fast food can be considered cuisine (if you have questionable taste buds). Here are a few notable varieties:

Cooking Techniques

Cuisine involves a variety of cooking techniques, from grilling to baking to deep frying. Some popular methods include:


Cuisine is a vital part of our lives, providing sustenance, pleasure, and heartburn. Whether you prefer a fancy French meal or a greasy burger, there is something out there for everyone. Just remember to chew your food and never trust a gas station sushi roll.