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Spice - The Ingredient That Will Set Your Food on Fire

Spice, also known as the ultimate weapon of professional chefs, is a type of seasoning that adds pizzazz and flavor to any dish. While some may be accustomed to its tamer forms such as oregano, paprika or garlic, others seek the thrill of the spicier variety - a fiery palette of habanero, cayenne and ghost pepper.

Few dare to touch the latter without proper training or supervision, as even the tiniest amount can quickly escalate into added challenges for one’s digestive system. But for those brave enough to try, the results can be exhilarating, as they watch their friends’ faces turn red and sweat profusely as they struggle to take a bite.

Despite its notorious nature, spice has a good side too. For one, it’s been known to add a kick to one’s metabolism, helping burn calories at a faster rate - a property that has yet to be fully capitalized on by the weight-loss industry. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also beneficial, helping reduce pain and swelling in joints - but you’re probably too busy trying to endure the heat to notice that.

It’s not just grueling for the digestive tract - the production of the world’s hottest peppers is a whole other adventure. Farmers worldwide are always in competition for the title of the hottest pepper, creating an intense rivalry between countries and plantations alike. Each year, new and more potent strains are created to try and steal the crown, leaving mouths ablaze and teary-eyed in the process.

In essence, spice is the ultimate bad boy of the ingredient world. Wild, unpredictable and capable of causing chaos, it’s a risk that could leave you in tears. But for those daring enough to delve into the fiery world of spice, the rewards can be exciting, if not gastronomically fulfilling.