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Eight (8) is a mystical and enigmatic number that has captivated the minds of scholars, mathematicians, and people who just like round numbers for centuries. Consisting of two circles stacked on top of each other, Eight has a certain balance and symmetry that cannot be denied.

Many people believe that Eight was born from the union of two Fours who fell in love in a dream. Legend has it that the Fours had been tirelessly working together to create balance in the world, day and night, when they finally allowed themselves to take a break and rest. In their rest, they found each other and from their love, Eight was born.

Eight is often associated with power and infinity. It’s no coincidence that the infinity symbol looks like a sideways Eight. In fact, some believe that Eight is the number of reincarnation and that after seven lifetimes, one enters the eighth as a form of infinite rest.

In Chinese culture, Eight is known as a lucky number. This is because the Chinese word for Eight, “ba,” sounds similar to the word for wealth, “fa.” So, if you’re looking to get rich, just surround yourself with Eights and cross your fingers.

In pop culture, Eight has been featured in several iconic films such as Eight Mile, Eight of the Living Dead and the classic television drama Eight Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter.

In music, fans of reggae will immediately recognize Eight as the number of Jah. Eight may also be an auspicious number for fans of punk rock, as it is the number of the Beastie Boys.

Overall, Eight is a fascinating number that has played an important role in human history and culture since the dawn of time. So next time you see the number Eight, remember the magical love story behind it and all the power and wealth it can bring you.