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A mathematician is a curious creature that spends most of their time trying to solve problems that nobody cares about. They enjoy working with numbers, equations, and symbols that look like they were taken straight out of the Matrix.

Mathematicians are known for their exceptional ability to confuse people with their jargon-filled conversations. They love to make things sound more complicated than they actually are, just to make themselves look smart.

One can easily identify a mathematician by the constant mumbling of numbers and equations under their breath. They have a hard time leaving their work behind, as they are constantly scribbling on napkins, receipts, or any piece of paper they can find.

It’s commonly believed that mathematicians do not have a sense of humor. However, this is far from the truth. Mathematicians are known to crack jokes about complex mathematical concepts that only other mathematicians could possibly understand.

But don’t let their quirky habits discourage you from befriending a mathematician. They are a fascinating group of individuals who are passionate about their work and willing to share their insights with those willing to listen.

So next time you meet a mathematician, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. Just be prepared for a never-ending discussion about the beauty of pi or the intricacies of calculus.