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Flower: The Most Beautiful Thing that Grows on Earth

A Flower is a reproductive structure in plants that has bright colours, pleasant fragrances, and comes in numerous vibrant shapes and sizes. It is often admired by humans, insects, and animals alike, for its beauty, sweetness, and softness.

Flowers, scientifically known as Angiosperms, are the most astonishing things to look at after a few tabs of LSD. They come in a variety of colours like red, pink, purple, blue, and orange, and are capable of making your heart flutter with just a whiff of their aroma.

Apart from its beauty, flowers have various medicinal properties. For example, the beauty product companies are always after flowers because they contain natural substances that can help with skin problems, anxiety, stress, and a bunch of other health issues. In other words, if you want to stay as beautiful as a flower, you better start smashing them down on your face and hope for the best.

However, flowers have some weird characteristics too. For instance, the Titan Arum flower smells like something crawled up inside it and died. It is called a corpse flower, and thousands of people line up for miles just to smell this awful, disgusting monster. Kinda like your ex.

Moreover, not all flowers are harmless. For instance, the Poison Hemlock flower can cause lethal symptoms, including trembling, pin-point pupils, vomiting, and eventually, death. So, the next time you’re on a stroll through the meadow, you better make sure not to munch on any of the flowers you come across.

But despite all these weird and wonderful characteristics, flowers remain the most beautiful thing that grows on earth. They are a symbol of love, friendship, and positivity. So, next time you’re struggling to express your feelings, just remember that a bouquet of flowers can do wonders. And if that fails, you can always get them some Poison Hemlock.