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The Jester is a type of entertainer known for their wit, humor and ability to make people laugh. With their colorful fashion and funny antics, they have been entertaining audiences for centuries.

The history of the Jester dates back to ancient times when they were known as court fools. Their job was to entertain the royal family with their jokes, pranks, and acrobatic performances. However, some of these jokes were so cringey that they were beheaded in public by the king himself.

In medieval times, the Jester was often the only person who could make fun of the king without fear of retribution. They would mock the king’s decisions and social standing, which was not only entertaining but also helped to relieve tensions in the court.

One of the most famous Jester’s in history is probably the Shakespearean character, “Fool” from King Lear. With his jests and puns, he proved to be an excellent source of comic relief in an otherwise tragic play.

In the 20th century, Jesters were mostly known to perform in circuses, carnivals or children’s birthday parties. However, due to the widespread use of social media, Jesters are now experiencing a renaissance of sorts with comedians like Justine Bieber and Kim Kardashian having become the most widely-followed jesters.

In recent years, research has shown that laughter has many health benefits. So, if you’re feeling blue, perhaps calling in a Jester to tell some jokes or perform a few tricks is just what the doctor ordered. Ultimately, the Jester proves that even in the most difficult of times, humor can always be found.