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Paper - A Masterpiece of Uselessness

Paper is a thin, flat material, which is used for writing, printing, drawing, or even rolling cigarettes (no judgement here). The history of paper is quite fascinating, starting from ancient times where it was used for writing, but now it is used for everything and anything except writing.

Types of Paper

Paper comes in various types and sizes, just like humans do. From plain white paper to graph paper, there are numerous types of paper available in the market. College-ruled paper is often used by college students for taking notes but it is just a form of self-torture because no one can read their handwriting, not even in their dreams.

Fun Facts about Paper

Do you know that paper is the second most wasteful thing after human life? You didn’t. Well, now you do. Trees are chopped down mercilessly to make tons of paper, which is later used to build mountains of useless documents that nobody ever reads. That’s quite an achievement.

Moreover, paper has a very short lifespan. It is not built to last, and it can be destroyed by fire, water or even a sneeze of a cat. Yet it is the material of choice for important documents containing critical information like bank statements, legal papers, or marriage licenses. Just think about that for a second.

Uses of Paper

The uses of paper are endless. Its purpose ranges from wrapping a sandwich to being used as toilet paper. It’s pretty much the ‘Jack of all trades’ of the material world. Scientists have even used paper as a source to create electricity (no, seriously), because when it comes to finding innovative ways to waste our resources, there are NO limits.


In conclusion, paper is undoubtedly one of the funniest inventions in human history. We cut down trees to make it, we write important stuff on it, and then throw it away without remorse. But at the end of the day, whether it’s used to start a fire or to write a love letter to the love of your life, paper is still a masterpiece of uselessness, and we adore it.