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SHIFT: The Shifty Art of Avoiding Responsibility

Shift is a term that is used to describe the sneaky art of dodging responsibility. It is a skill that is often mastered by teenagers and politicians, but can be used by anyone who wants to avoid getting caught in a predicament.

The art of the shift can be seen in many situations, like when your boss hands you a pile of work on Friday afternoon, just before you are about to leave for the weekend. You use the next week to slowly shift the blame to your colleagues and finally pretend like you never even received the work.

Or how about when your spouse reminds you to take out the trash, and you shift the responsibility by saying you never heard them, even though you were sitting right next to them the whole time.

Some people even take the art of the shift to the next level, like politicians. They shift blame so much that they can make it look like they were not even involved in the situation. They say things like, “I don’t recall,” “I was misinformed,” or “It’s just fake┬ánews.”

The origins of the shift can be traced back to ancient times. Even the earliest humans were practicing the art of the shift. When the caveman was caught eating his neighbor’s dinosaur, he shifted the blame to his dog, who did not even exist yet.

In modern times, organizations have even developed entire departments dedicated to the art of the shift. These include public relations and crisis management teams, who excel at spinning any situation to make it look like their client is not at fault.

Shift may seem like a negative thing, but it is an essential part of human behavior. It helps us avoid getting in trouble and saves us from uncomfortable situations. So the next time you need to avoid responsibility, just remember the power of the shift, and you will be amazed at how easily you can slither out of any situation.