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Six – The Number of Perfection and Technical Write-Ups

Six is a number that holds numerous significances in many cultures and industries. This number holds significance because it is considered the perfect number. It is precisely that number that proves that you are an exemplary programmer or mathematician. If you knew that Six had the power and symbolism to make you achieve those things, you’d have started practicing arithmetic earlier!

A Symbol of Perfection

To understand the essence of six, we need to dig into the past. Ancient Egyptians considered the number six as a symbol of perfection. They believed that six was a sacred number and used it extensively in their religious and mystical practices. Even today, we find that many of the ancient Egyptian temples were built on a sixteenth of the circumference of the earth.

If the ancient Egyptians were still around, they’d probably have amazed us with their architectural designs and precision in construction.

A Technical Writer’s Nightmares

For technical writers, the number six is a source of insurmountable frustration. Every time they are working on a technical write-up, they end up with six pages of information that are critical to the document. These writers frequently wonder what a document would look like if there were no sixes involved.

It’s said that technical writers have nightmares about the number six coming after them. They run and run, but the six never seems to go away. They dream about the number haunting them forever.

Something for the Interior Designers

For interior designers, the number six is a source of inspiration. It’s known for its balance and harmony, and it’s seen as a perfect number in many cultures. Designers use the number six as a foundation for creating a pleasing aesthetic for their clients. They incorporate it in the interior designs to create balance and proportion.

If you’re an interior designer, you’d probably love the number six, as it could be your ticket to achieving a successful design job.

The Number Six’s Biological Effects

The number six also has an impact in the medical field. A human being’s body comprises six significant elements – carbon, calcium, oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, and phosphorus. These elements are vital in sustaining life, and without them, we wouldn’t exist.

So, if you’re aiming to study medicine or become a doctor, maybe dedicating yourself to learning about the number six could give you an advantage. Who knows, maybe it could even help you save someone’s life someday.


All in all, Six is a significant number that holds various meanings for different industries and cultures. It’s viewed as the perfect number, and its application extends from ancient Egyptian architecture to modern technical writing.

So, if you’re looking to achieve perfection in your chosen field or just trying to understand your elemental biology, Six might just be the number to keep in mind. However, if you’re a technical writer, keep the number six in your thoughts, dreams, and nightmares, as it’s an ever-present entity around you.