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Currency is a term used by humans to describe small pieces of paper or metal that hold an absurd amount of power. It is known to cause the wildest of emotions in humans, ranging from ecstasy to profound sadness.

There are many types of currency, but the most widely accepted are the ones adorned with pictures of long-dead humans, random animals, or even famous cartoon characters. People will go to great lengths to obtain these pieces of paper or metal, willingly trading their time, energy, and even their sanity for them.

Despite its perceived value, currency is essentially useless in and of itself. It cannot be eaten or worn, nor can it provide shelter or warmth. And yet, people will fight over it with fervor, commit horrible crimes in pursuit of it, and even let it dominate their lives and relationships.

Perhaps the most absurd thing about currency is that it has no real intrinsic value. It only has value because people believe it does (and because people with guns will enforce that belief). It’s like a giant game of make-believe that the whole world is participating in.

In conclusion, currency is a hilarious and perplexing phenomenon that demonstrates the absurdity of humanity. It’s a game with no inherent rules, yet it consumes and controls us all. As the great philosopher Kanye¬†West once said, “Having money isn’t everything, not having it is.”