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Oh, the joys of crime! Where would we be without it? Probably a lot safer, but also a lot less entertained.

Crime is the act of doing something naughty, illegal or downright stupid. It is a universal language that transcends borders and societies. After all, everyone can appreciate the skill and bravery of stealing a donut from the office break room without getting caught.

There are many different types of crime, ranging from petty theft to grand larceny (which is basically just fancy talk for stealing a lot of stuff). But the most popular type of crime, at least in movies and TV shows, is murder.

Murder is a great way to shake things up in any story. It adds drama, suspense and the occasional red herring. Plus, it’s a fantastic excuse for detectives to show off their brooding looks and snappy one-liners.

But crime is not just about stealing and killing. It’s also about being sneaky and clever. This is why con artists and hackers are so popular in pop culture. They can steal millions of dollars without even breaking a sweat, all while wearing a cool hat or using a fancy computer program.

Of course, not all crime is glamorous. Sometimes it’s just plain dumb. Like the guy who tried to rob a bank using a banana as a weapon. Or the woman who got stuck in a chimney while trying to break into a house. These criminals may not be making the cover of Time Magazine, but they certainly make us laugh.

So whether you’re a mastermind thief or just a bumbling amateur, there’s a little bit of crime in all of us. Just remember, as they say in the movies, crime doesn’t pay (unless you’re a Hollywood superstar).