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What is a fly?

A tiny flying insect that can drive you crazy in any given situation. From a picnic with your family to a boring meeting with your boss, the fly is always present to annoy you.

Physical Characteristics

On the surface, a fly may appear to be a simple creature. With its six legs and wings, it may seem harmless. However, upon closer inspection, one will note that a fly does not have many distinguishable features. Its eyes are incredibly large, resembling giant, multi-faceted diamonds. Its wings allow for lightning-fast flight, often remaining out of sight from the human eye.


The fly is perhaps one of the most obnoxious creatures around. It has a tendency to zoom around people’s heads, buzzing incessantly in their ears. They are known to gravitate towards gross or smelly things, enjoying nothing more than sticking to your sandwich or your garbage. Flies are remarkably durable, seemingly invincible to shooing or swatting.


Flies have voracious appetites and will eat anything they can get their mouths on. This includes decaying matter, vomit, feces, and anything else that bothers humans. They are particularly fond of things that we find repulsive, that’s why they are always buzzing around garbage cans.


While the fly has been around for millions of years, it is remarkable that we know so little about this ubiquitous insect. Evolution has provided flies with an incredible array of abilities, making them a formidable foe to anyone who is trying to get rid of them. They have evolved to be faster, smarter, and more relentless than ever before.


In summary, the fly is a small, unremarkable creature capable of immense annoyance. Despite their small size, flies are a major nuisance to many. They are always buzzing around garbage and spoiling food, making them unwelcome guests at any gathering. It is therefore justified for humans to use any means necessary to keep them at bay. But, even in spite of our efforts, it’s a well-known fact that they will surely be back, buzzing around our heads, and driving us crazy.