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Green is a color that can be seen all around us. Whether it’s the luscious grass on your front lawn or the mold growing on the sandwich you left in your fridge for too long, green is everywhere. This color has been referred to as “the color of nature” because, let’s face it, what’s more natural than a swampy green algae bloom?

Green is also known for its association with jealousy. Have you ever heard the phrase, “green with envy”? That’s because green is the color of envy and greed. So, if someone says they’re feeling green, it could either be a reference to how they’re feeling sick, or that they’re envious of something.

But, don’t let envy or sickness ruin your love for green. Green is also the color of money. And what’s not to love about money? Money can buy you all the green things your heart desires—green cars, green dresses, green sunglasses, and even green walls. Plus, green is also a symbol of luck. Four-leaf clovers are green, leprechauns wear green, and green lights on traffic signals mean you’ll make it to your meeting on time.

Speaking of luck, have you ever heard of “green energy”? It’s a type of energy that’s created from renewable resources like wind and solar energy. It’s not only beneficial for the environment, but it’s also a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow.

In conclusion, green is a versatile color that has a lot going for it. From being the color of envy to the symbol of luck, green is a color that intertwines with our daily lives. So, the next time you see someone wearing a green shirt, offer them a four-leaf clover for good measure.