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Nature: The Great Outdoors

Nature, the great outdoors, is a world beyond our front doors, an escape from the mundane, and a constant reminder of our inferiority. It’s a place where bugs, dirt, and the seemingly impossible are king. But don’t be fooled, these creatures of nature are always watching and waiting to remind us of our small stature.

In nature, you never really know what you’re going to get, it’s like rolling the dice, but instead of coming up with numbers, you get a giant spider or a swarm of mosquitoes. And don’t think you’re safe from the unexpected just because you’re high above the ground. That’s just where the birds wait to dump their smelly reminder that you’re not in charge.

Of course, nature isn’t all bad, there are stunning landscapes and majestic creatures that make you forget about having to pee in the bushes. Mountains, oceans, and even prairies offer a chance to take a breathtaking selfie and to get lost in the world that’s bigger than ourselves.

But just when you think you’re starting to enjoy nature, a surprise thunderstorm, a patch of poison ivy, or a bear attack, will remind you of your place in the food chain. And while it’s tempting to think you can outsmart nature - by bringing a tent, extra blankets, and fire starter - it’s wise to remember that you are not the first person to think they could outsmart Mother Nature, and you won’t be the last.

So, in conclusion, nature is a fickle mistress, she takes what she wants and gives you what she feels you deserve. The great outdoors remind us of how small we truly are in this vast universe and how little control we really have. But hey, at least it makes for some great memes.