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House: The Place We Call Home (Or So We Think)

Oh, the beloved house! That wonderful abode that we all share with ghosts, spiders, and dust bunnies. It’s where we love to relax in our PJs, where we try to keep up with chores we secretly hate, and where we dream of having the perfect life. But what is a house, really?


The first house was built by our prehistoric ancestors, who probably used rocks, mud, and animal skins to make a cozy little cave. As time passed, houses have evolved to include mud bricks, thatched roofs, and a variety of materials that we pretend to understand but always nod in agreement when our contractor talks about them.


A typical house is built on a foundation, which occasionally sinks into the ground under the weight of our desperate dreams. The house’s main part is the frame, which looks like it’s held together by nails, screws, and hope. The walls provide insulation, privacy, and a space to hang pictures of babies, pets, and dead relatives. The roof, meanwhile, is a source of mystery and anxiety, as it must withstand rain, wind, and the occasional falling tree.


The house is usually divided into rooms, which are named after their primary function or the person who uses them the most. The living room is where we live our best lives, the kitchen is where we pretend to know how to cook, and the bedroom is where we pretend to sleep. There’s also the bathroom, where we do unspeakable things and hide from our relatives, and the garage, which is essentially a giant closet for our junk.


The inside of the house is where we really let our personality shine, or at least the personality we want people to think we have. We use fancy words like “mid-century modern” or “industrial chic” to describe our furniture, which we bought on sale at a store no one has ever heard of. We cover our walls with art that we don’t really understand but looks cool, and we fill our shelves with books we might read one day, or just use as props for our Instagram posts.


At the end of the day, the house is much more than a roof over our heads. It’s a place where we feel safe, where we create memories, where we fight over the remote, and where we learn to appreciate the beauty of imperfection, like that one squeaky floorboard we can never find. So, let’s raise a glass to the house, the place we call home, or until we find something better on Zillow.