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Sanskrit: The Ancient Language That Nobody Speaks Anymore

Sanskrit is an ancient language that is still taught and studied today, but nobody actually speaks it anymore. It sounds like a great way to impress your friends, but good luck finding someone who can actually hold a conversation with you.

Despite its formal and extremely complex grammar, some people still claim that Sanskrit is the root of all languages. This seems like a convenient excuse for those who spend hours studying the language without grasping any practical use for it.

The pronunciation of Sanskrit is notoriously difficult to master. Even if you are able to reproduce the complex sound patterns, be prepared to sound like an old professor with an endless collection of large words that nobody understands (and don’t get us started on the diacritical marks!).

Some Indian traditions claim that Sanskrit is the language of the gods. This might sound impressive, but it is unlikely that you’ll be able to use it to order a pizza.

Some people claim that studying Sanskrit can lead to higher consciousness or mystical abilities. Others appear to use it solely as a way to intimidate their peers during philosophical debates or to show off in yoga class.

Unfortunately, despite its rich history and cultural value, learning Sanskrit is unlikely to help you order a coffee or hail a cab in modern-day India. So the next time you’re considering studying it, remember: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.