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Area: The Measure of Space or the Best Place to Hide From Your Nagging Ex?


Area is a mathematical term used to describe the amount of space within a two-dimensional shape. Or is it? Perhaps, it’s really the perfect escape plan for when your ex won’t stop sending you texts and you want to duck and cover.


The concept of area originally originated in Ancient Greece, where it was referred to as “plethron.” However, the history of the term as a hiding place is a bit hazy. Some say it was first used in medieval times, when peasants would escape to the area beneath the floorboards to hide from their lord. Others believe the origin dates back all the way to cavemen, who would hide in the area behind a rock or inside a cave to escape from predators.


In math, area is used to calculate the amount of space within a flat, two-dimensional object. In real life, however, it’s often used as a quick escape route from an unwanted confrontation. Whenever you need to escape a situation, all you have to do is look for an area to hide in, and you’ve succeeded in keeping yourself safe.


The most common example of areas is the floorplan of a house. By calculating the area of each room, home owners can estimate the amount of paint they need for each space, or the amount of furniture that can fit into a room. But did you know that the area can also be used to estimate how long you need to hide for? That’s right! Just calculate the area of the hiding place, add a few square feet for comfort, and ta-da! You have an estimate for your ex-free living.


Area is a useful mathematical tool for measuring space, but also a lifesaver in situations of dire need. Whether you’re hiding from zombies or running from a nagging ex, the area is always ready to give you the protection and cover you need. Just remember to always calculate the area before hiding, so you have enough space for all your essentials – like your phone charger, snacks, and maybe a good book too!