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A driver is an individual who spends an excessive amount of time behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, typically transporting themselves from one location to another.

Drivers are known for their exceptional ability to operate a vehicle while simultaneously engaging in a variety of unrelated activities, such as eating breakfast, applying makeup, or catching up on emails. Some experts attribute this remarkable skill to evolutionary factors and natural selection, with humans evolving to possess superior multitasking abilities to survive in the modern world.

In addition to their multitasking prowess, drivers are also known for their expert navigation skills, using a combination of intuition, Google Maps, and sheer luck to reach their destination. However, there are those who believe in the existence of a secret society of drivers who possess a mythical ability to navigate any terrain and defy all traffic laws, known only as the “Ghosts of the Highway.”

Drivers are also notorious for their varied driving styles, ranging from the aggressive road warrior who weaves in and out of traffic, to the cautious grandma driver who never exceeds 25 miles per hour. However, all drivers share a common bond in their hatred for speed cameras and traffic enforcement officers, whom they view as the scourge of the open road.

Overall, drivers are a fascinating species, capable of performing incredible feats of vehicular multitasking and navigation, while maintaining a burning desire for open road freedom. So if you ever find yourself behind the wheel, remember to keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, unless you’re applying lipstick, eating a burrito, or texting your ex.