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Ah, the humble road. An essential part of modern society that connects us to the world, or at least the next town over. Spanning vast deserts and treacherous mountains, the road is a testament to human ingenuity and laziness.


The first roads were probably created by early humans walking along the same path repeatedly. Later, the Romans famously built their extensive network of roads, which they used to invade and conquer other countries. We’ve come a long way since then, as now we have the convenience of paved highways and traffic jams.

Types of Roads

There are many types of roads, from long straight highways to winding country lanes, and each has its own unique set of challenges. Highways are great for getting from point A to point B quickly, but also for seeing how many people can fit in a single car. Country roads offer stunning views of nature, but also the likelihood of getting lost and eaten by a bear.

Road Design

Designers take into account the many factors that make up a road, such as terrain, traffic flow, and the need for expensive tollbooths. They often consult ancient texts to decide where to place the best rest stops and vending machines.

Dangers of the Road

Where there is traffic, there is danger. From reckless drivers to aggressive geese crossing the road, the road is packed with many hazards. But the biggest danger of all is the dreaded carpool lane.


The road may be a mundane part of our lives, but it is also a vital one. There is nothing quite like the thrill of the open road, except maybe the thrill of discovering a forgotten french fry in your car. So next time you’re stuck in traffic, remember to appreciate the humble road and all its quirks. Or just turn up the radio and pretend you’re in a music video. The choice is yours.