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Walking is the human act of moving on two feet in a forward direction. It’s been around since the dawn of time, although some humans appear to have forgotten how to do it.

Back in prehistoric times, walking was a crucial survival skill. Early humans would walk for hours, days even, just to find food or water. Of course, back then they didn’t call it ‘walking’. They just did it because they had to.

Fast forward to today and we have all kinds of fancy walking technologies available to us: running shoes, walking poles, Fitbits, and even walking tours of cities. Some humans even walk competitively, although it’s hard to imagine why anyone would do that when they could be sitting on a couch eating pizza instead.

Walking is a highly underrated form of exercise. It not only burns calories, but it’s also beneficial for mental health, as well. Walking in nature has been known to reduce stress and anxiety, and who doesn’t love to smell the fresh air and hear the sounds of birds chirping?

There’s also something inherently satisfying about a good walking pace. There’s a sense of purpose and accomplishment that comes from moving forward, one step at a time. It’s a feeling that can’t be replicated when sitting down or driving in a car.

Of course, with every good thing comes a downside. Walking can sometimes lead to blisters, sore muscles, and the occasional twisted ankle. Walking in the wrong shoes can also lead to embarrassing falls or wardrobe malfunctions, so it’s important to choose wisely.

All in all, walking is a wonderful, basic human activity that has stood the test of time. So get out there and take a walk, you won’t be sorry. Plus, think of all the interesting things you might see - like a dog chasing its tail, or an elderly man walking backwards. The possibilities are endless!