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Month - A Periodical Joke

A month is one of the twelve arbitrary chunks of time that help us keep track of the year. It’s a period where everyone pretends they’re going to start exercising, eating healthier and finally get their finances in order. It’s a time when people make resolutions that only last for a few days and then they go back to their old ways.

The word “month” comes from the Old English word “mona”, which means “moon”. People used to measure time by the phases of the moon. Nowadays, we have fancy calendars that do all the work for us but still we can’t seem to keep up with our busy schedules.

Each month has its own distinctive characteristics. January is the month of new beginnings, February is the month of love, and March is the month where we all regret not doing our taxes sooner. April is the month of rain showers, May is the month of flowers, and June is the month of weddings - which leads to July being the month of divorces.

August is the month of vacations, September is the month of back-to-school, and October is the month of horror movies. November is the month of turkey and family gatherings, and December is the month of gift-giving and ugly sweater parties.

Despite these trying times, months are still a popular form of time measurement. They help us plan our lives, remind us of our responsibilities, and give us an excuse to wear a themed outfit once a year. So embrace the month, and remember: time flies when you’re having fun, or when you’re on a deadline.